GAWA initial meeting hosted by Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries, was attended by nine airlines. Gulf Aviation Warranty Association created to reflect more recognition by the suppliers with our concerns and appropriate global identification.

The current member airlines attending the GAWA meeting included Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Qatar Airways, Qatari Amiri flight, Nas Air, Oman Air, Saudi Amiri Flight. The G.A.W.A will normally get together for a two day meeting twice a year. As the above Statement implies it is the aim of the Association to build and maintain a strong alliance within the gulf region with the focus on pro-actively improving standard warranty processes. Delegates are encouraged to individually bring and share any relevant warranty issues to the meeting, and can also expect and be prepared to become involved in tasks e.g. writing to Vendors or Manufacturers on behalf of the G.A.W.A, assistance in researching and preparation of agenda items, arranging vendor presentations and also taking a position on the task group who control the agenda and organize the meetings.



A current membership criterion is simple either you are commercial aircraft operator, a maintenance provider or Component Repair Agency and will be the person or persons actively involved in warranty within your organization. There is no membership fee and all we ask is that your Management is committed to your application so that you may attend  GAWA meetings.

Current Chairman: Mr. Fahad A. Bufail  Warranty Manager from Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries

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