3 Links I Love: The Island Hopper, Old Airline Maps, Operation Pineapple Tops

This week’s featured link: Watch the new Big Metal Bird: Island HopperUnited Hub This one has always been on the bucket list – flying the famed island hopper that goes between Guam and Honolulu. This video gives a good high-level overview of what’s involved in that flying. Maybe one of these days I’ll do a much more in-depth report on it myself.

Two for the road: Continental Washington Dulles diagram, 1987Airline Maps There is something transfixing about this blog and its simple premise. It just shows old airline maps whether airports, route maps, or anything else of interest. I spend more time looking at these posts than I should, I admit, and I love it. This particular post is like hopping in the wayback machine at Dulles. It also shows how little has changed for United at that place. But hey, at least I know where the barber shop was.

This Time in Our History: Operation Pineapple TopsMana’o Hawaiian’s blog gives a brief glimpse back at something that seems goofy today. The airline was tasked with flying 4 million pineapple crowns from Maui and Moloka’i over to Hawai’i Island. Today, very little pineapple is grown at all there since it’s cheaper to grow in other countries.


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