3 Links I Love: The Only Thing I’ll Say About Leggings, Branson Gets Worse, Sonoma Growth

This week’s featured link: Why Is Wearing Leggings to the Airport Such a Shameful Thing?Vogue A few have asked me to comment on this whole stupid kerfuffle where United denied boarding to a couple of pass travelers for wearing leggings (which aren’t allowed per pass travel rules). All I can say is that there are dress code rules, and pass travelers need to obey them. It is the responsibility of the employee to know the rules and pass them on to anyone who is riding on a pass. Should leggings be banned? What the hell do I care? Just obey the rules. Articles like this which try to turn this isn’t some sinister sexist thing are just maddeningly ridiculous. The only real issue here is how poorly United handled the initial response (saying it could deny boarding to anyone and pointing to the contract of carriage). Had that been handled better, then none of us would have to be talking about this.

Oh, and Delta? Don’t be such an ass about this. You deserved this response. We’ll see how you like it when you get into hot water for something similar.

Two for the road: Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson bashes Alaska Airlines at Seattle launchUSA Today This guy is unbelievable. You’d think when you earn a few hundred millions (at least) selling your airline, you’d have a little respect for the buyer. Yet Richard Branson continues to bash Alaska for hurting his precious little baby. As strange as that is, there were two other things that really jumped out at me in this article.

First, Branson apparently thinks that the most valuable part of an airline is sunshine and rainbows. He think Alaska is trashing the brand so he says “I wonder what it was that Alaska bought and why did they bother?” Uh, Alaska bought a lot of gates in LA and San Francisco, some slots in the northeast, and eliminated a competitor.

Second, could it really be true when Branson says that Alaska has to pay the royalty to use the Virgin America brand through 2040 even if it doesn’t use it? I asked Alaska but they wouldn’t comment. This story has more.

Economy gives Sonoma County Airport a liftSan Francisco Chronicle That’s two links that riled me up, so let’s go with one that’s totally benign for the last one. Here’s an look at the incredible growth in Santa Rosa.

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