Check Your Bags Before You Get to LAX

With the liquid ban still holding strong, the lines for checking bags can sometimes eclipse the security lines in length. The city of LA is amazingly determined to do something about it with the launch of remote check-in for LAX.

For $5, you will be able to check yourself in and check up to 2 bags up to 2 1/2 hours before your flight. If you need to check additional bags, they will charge you the excess baggage fee charged by each airline.

Then, you’ll hop on the FlyAway bus which costs $3 each way for adults and $2 each way for children and they’ll drop you off at your terminal. The busses run every fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, your bags will be taken by a company called, um, BAGS, and will be put on your flight. You won’t see them until you land.

Remember, this only works for American, Alaska, Delta, Northwest, and United. That leaves US Airways and Southwest as two high profile holdouts. Hopefully that will change as time passes.

If you’re not anywhere near the Valley, fear not . . . . This service is coming to other places around LA. Tomorrow (9/13), you’ll be able to start checking in at the LA Convention Center downtown. On the 18th, you can go to the FlyAway station at Union Station, also downtown. And starting on the 24th, you’ll be able to check in at the Port of LA cruise ship terminal.


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