Cranky on the Web (August 30-September 3)

Remember, I’m on vacation starting now. Be back with you again next week.


Why Continental and United Chose Southwest to Curry Favor with the FedsBNET Headwinds The big news is Southwest grabbing slots in Newark as part of the Continental/United effort to get federal approval. Why did Continental/United choose them?

How Not to Negotiate: Continental and United Pilots Boldly Ask for the MoonBNET Headwinds Continental and United pilots have come together to ask for something that they know they won’t get. Can’t say that’s the strategy I would have chosen.

Southwest Flight Attendants Strike Back, Deny Intent to Block Larger AirplanesBNET Headwinds Southwest flight attendants weren’t happy with my previous post, but I’m not walking away from my stance.

United/Continental Merger: Three Exec Appointments That Stand OutBNET Headwinds The next level of United/Continental exec appointments has been announced and there were three that stood out for me.

Southwest Pilots Chime in With Caution on New Aircraft PurchaseBNET Headwinds The news keeps unfolding with the Southwest 737-800 order. Now the pilots appear to be sending up signals of caution.


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