Cranky on the Web (September 28-October 1)

Southwest Acquires AirTran: Six Reasons This is a Great MoveBNET Headwinds Part one of my story focused on the positive things to come out of this merger.

Lambert cautious over Southwest-AirTran dealSt Louis Post-Dispatch I was asked if I thought the AirTran/Southwest merger opened up any opportunities for St Louis. I think the quote they used was a bit too optimistic sounding.

Southwest Acquires AirTran: Four Reasons This Isn’t the Best PlanBNET Headwinds And now for the potential downside. Lots of people are hyping up the merger, but there is always a downside risk.

Spirit Airlines is Going Public and Its Business Model is Producing Stellar ResultsBNET Headwinds Spirit is going public and that means we have data to play with. These guys are doing very well.

Mesa Air Group Shows Everything That’s Wrong with the Bankruptcy CodeBNET Headwinds In case you missed Mesa’s reorganization plan, you’ll want to take a look. It’s a frustrating look at how management can take advantage of the bankruptcy process.

Combining airlines may be challenging for Southwest, AirTranFt Worth Star-Telegram Lots of questions for me on the Southwest/AirTran integration and any potential bumps along the road. (Though the pay rates quoted aren’t right. Those are closer to what a 10 year captain makes.)

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