Get All Your Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2015 Updated Info Here

We are excited to experience Aviation Geek Fest Seattle 2015 (AGF15) on February 21 and 22. We all VERY much appreciate your patience with getting you information and putting the tickets up for sale.

The Full AGF15 tickets sold out in about 30 seconds — crazy. All this point, there are not additional tickets (Full or Mini) for sale.

One of the #AGF14 groups standing in front of a GE90 engine on a new Boeing 777 – Photo: The Boeing Company

Know that there have been many people working behind the scenes to make this event happen (huge shout-out to Sandy and Toni at the Future of Flight). Although we were later in getting the tickets out than we wanted, we are happy to share this amazing event with some awesome AvGeeks. We are hoping to see you all soon in Seattle.

View from the central meeting spot of the delivery center, taken during a previous event in September of 2013


This is an update log to let you know what updates have been made since the initial posting of this schedule on January 23rd. 

  1. Jan 23: Added discount links for Uber/Lyft rides down below. We have confirmed that no cameras will allowed during the CEC tours.

  2. Jan 26: We have confirmed that the minimum age to visit the CEC is 16. Been updating ticket buying instructions (down below) as we figure new things out. Full AGF15 tickets sold out in about 45 seconds. As of now there are some Mini tickets still available.

  3. Feb 5: We have been giving AGF discounts at Paine Field’s other attractions (there is not free entry). You can see the discounts below in the Saturday schedule.

  4. Feb 15th: Updated the schedule with better times and split the schedule between Full and Mini tickets.

  5. Feb 16th: Additional schedule details were added/changed. We might get access to additional aircraft at the MoF on Sunday. There will also be two VIP tours on Sunday for Mini Ticket holders only: a ramp tour of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and a tour of Alaska Airline’s maintenance facility.

  6. Feb 18th: Added our guest speaker to the #AvGeek Social on Saturday night.

  7. Feb 19th: Mini tickets are no longer for sale.


There will be two ticket types (more explained below and in the ticket section). Full AGF15 SEA Tickets (Groups A & B) will give you full access. Mini AGF15 SEA Tickets (Group C) will give you partial access.


  1. 9:00m to 1:00pm- This is free time. Get discounted entry to Paine’s other aviation attractions: Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection for $8 [open 10am-5pm]; Historic Flight Foundation for $8 [open 10am-5pm]; and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center  for $2 [open 9am-4pm].

  2. 11:00am- Check-in at the Future of Flight will begin on the gallery floor (follow the signs). You can still get access to the gallery, the Strato Deck and the Boeing Store before 11am, if you have your tickets with you (printed out, on your phone, etc). The Future of Flight opens at 8:30am. Starting at this time, you will get your $20 Boeing Store gift card and other goodies.

  3. 1:00pm- Welcome talk. We will celebrate the sixth AGF, go over some rules, answer some questions and get ready for our adventure. Please be sure you are in your seat, on the gallery floor by 1pm.

  4. 1:15pm- You MUST be checked in by this time and present or you will not be able to board the bus and participate in the tours for the day.

  5. 1:30pm- Attendees will be split into four different groups and assigned to which bus you will go on and which activity you will see first. All groups will see the same things, just in different order.

  6. 1:30pm to 5:30pm- Visitors will get a VIP Boeing factory floor tour as well as be able to drive by the Delivery Center, the paint booth, the new 777X construction and the Dreamlifter Operations Center. Children must be over 12-years old to participate. No cameras will be allowed, although Boeing will be taking some photos to share with the group afterwards. You must store your cameras and phones in your car, in lockers at the Future of Flight or we will securely hold on to them during the tour. Transportation, during the tour, will be provided.

  7. 6:00pm to whenever- The AvGeek Social will take place on the Future of Flight gallery floor. Free food, beer (including the new #AvGeek Beer) and additional drinks will be served. Chad Lundy, Boeing Test Pilot, will be our guest speaker during the evening. Also, we will be giving out some pretty awesome airline-related giveaways via a raffle.


  1. Check out our page on the Mini Tickets to get all the details

Business class section of the Boeing 747-8 International mock-up at the Customer Experience Center – Photo: David Parker Brown


  1. 8:00 to 10:00am- get VIP access to the Museum of Flight from 8am-10am (it normally opens at 10am). Check-in will be by the theater (past the main ticket desk). Our headquarters will be in the Northwest Aeroclub Room in the Red Barn.

  2. 8:00 to 10:00am-  Tour the third Boeing 787 (ZA003) from 8:00am to 10:00am only. It is likely that we will have access to some of the other aircraft, but we will not know for sure until that morning.

  3. 11:30am- Meet in the Museum of Flight lobby.

  4. 11:45am- You must be with the group by this time or you will miss the bused tours.

  5. Noon to 3:30pm- Attendees will be broken up in multiple groups and load into buses. Groups will go in different order, but all groups will tour the Renton Boeing 737 Factory and Boeing’s Customer Experience Center (photos of the 747-8I mock-up in the CEC taken in 2011). The age limit to tour the 737 factory is 12, and to tour the CEC is 16.  No cameras will be allowed.

  6. 3:30pm to 5:00pm- Open time. Enjoy the rest of the time that the Museum of Flight is open, start heading home or do something else in Seattle.


  1. Check out our page on Mini Tickets to get all the details

AvGeeks brave the nasty weather to get up close and personal to a Dreamlifter during AGF14


You must have a ticket to attend any of the events. We understand that the demand very much out weighs the supply. Last year the tickets sold out in three minutes. Although we have long-term plans to potentially increase the number of attendees, we have been able to offer a new option of the Mini Ticket this year to allow more people to experience some AvGeekness.

Tickets went on sale at 4:00pm PST on Jan 26th and Full AGF15 Tickets sold out in about 30 seconds.

Here were the ticket options:

  1. Full AGF15 SEA Ticket (Group A & B): $100 – (~200 available) gives access to the main activities on 2/21 and 2/22

  2. SAT: VIP factory floor tour, $20 Boeing gift card, drive around KPAE to view different aspects (as listed up above), and AvGeek Social. SUN: Admission to the Museum of Flight and VIP 787 access. Will take the 737 factory tour as well as tour the Customer Experience Center. All transportation is taken care of between the MoF and the CEC. As an extra bonus, you will also receive a 10-month membership to the Future of Flight.

  3. Mini AGF15 SEA Ticket (Group C): $50 – (100 available) gives access to limited activities on 2/21 and 2/22

  4. SAT: Access to the Future of Flight Gallery and AvGeek Social. There will be tickets reserved for you to take the public Boeing tour (purchased separately). SUN: Admission to the Museum of Flight starting at 8am, with VIP 787 access. Ability to visit the Customer Experience Center (need to provide own transportation). Able to check out all the other wonderful things that Seattle has to offer an AvGeek

  5. We are still working on other potential options for the Mini AGF15 ticket, but have not been able to confirm them at the time of posting. Count on this being the minimum. 

  6. We are not able to hold or guarantee tickets.

The Hilton Garden Inn at Paine Field is right next to the airport and provides awesome views – Photo: David Parker Brown


There are many hotels up north and down south to stay in. We have two that have given AvGeeks a special deal:

  1. The Hilton Garden Inn at Paine Field is once again offering an AGF15 special. Use promo code “FLY” which will get you a room for $99, which includes breakfast for two. The hotel is awesome — check out our review.

  2. The Hampton Inn in SeaTac is also offering a special for AvGeeks. You can pay $92 for Double Queens and $99 for King Suites. Breakfast is included. Just go to the website, enter preferred arrival and departure dates and then enter “AGF” in the “Add Special Rates Code” to get your special rate.

The Concord at the Museum of Flight in Seattle – Photo: David Parker Brown


If you are not familiar with the area, Future of Flight, at Paine Field, is located about 40 miles north of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). There is really no viable public transportation for getting up to Everett. The Museum of Flight, at Boeing Field (aka King County International Airport), is located about five miles north of SEA. If you are looking for a ride, you can obviously rent a car at Sea-Tac, leave comments about carpooling in the comments, and/or use Lyft or Uber (those specific links will give you a discount), a taxi or Shuttle Express.

The first Boeing 747 parked at the Museum of Flight


If you are not from Seattle, make good use of your visit here. Some things of interest:

  1. Paine Field aviation spotting guide

  2. Renton aviation spotting guide

  3. Things to do in Seattle

View of Seattle from the Columbia Center Tower


If you have questions, please leave them in the comments, as others probably have similar ones to you and we can answer them there for you.

Also be sure you are already on the Aviation Geek Fest email list and follow #AGF15 on Twitter.

Heading upstairs of the very first Boeing 747 at the Museum of Flight – Photo: King Hui


Chances are you are on social media, be sure to be following the following:

  1. Future of Flight: @FutureofFlightFacebook

  2. Boeing: @BoeingAirplanesFacebook


  4. Museum of Flight: @MuseumofFlightFacebook


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