No fees = more money for Southwest

Southwest Boeing 737

It has been about a year since all these wonderous bag fees have started. Southwest (which I have called the “new frills airline” a few times already) has resisted any of these fees and keep all their prices pretty straight forward. Now they are saying they feel they have earned more money with having no fees, since customers are choosing Southwest over airlines that do charge fees.

However, other airlines are sticking to their fees with bringing millions more in in revenue. In fact more airlines are increasing and adding new fees.

Alaksa Airlines just announced they will start charging fees and US Airways will charge $5 extra if a passenger doesn’t pre-pay for baggage fees.

Personally, I understand the fees. I mean the airlines are hurting and people are willing to pay for them. However, it has become nearly impossible to do a true cost comparison for tickets, not knowing what your final price will be.Source: Dallas Morning News Image: MayorGreg

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