[Photo Report] A wide variety of modern combat planes (including strategic bombers) at Red Flag 12-4

Although the Colombian Air Force detachment was, at least for aircraft spotters, the highlight of Red Flag 12-4, many other interesting assets took part to the world’s most realistic exercise.

During Red Flag 12-4 more than 70 aircraft belonging to the following U.S. forces departed Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas:

  1. 48th FW. 493rd FS. F-15c’s from RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom.

  2. 388th FW. 421st FS. F-16CM’s from Hill AFB, Utah.

  3. 23rd Wing. 74th FS. A-10C’s Moody AFB, GA.

  4. 5th BW. 34th BS. B-52’s from Minot AFB, N.D.

  5. 28th BW. 34BS. B-1B’s from Ellsworth AFB, S.D.

  6. Marine Tact Electronic Warfare Squadron 3. EA-6B’s from MCAS Cherry Point, N.C.

  7. U.S. Navy Electronic Attack Sqd 209. EA-6B’s from Joint base Andrews, Md.

  8. 53rd W. 422nd Test and Evaluation Sqd. F-16CJ’s from Nellis AFB, NV.

  9. 53rd W. 85th Test and Evaluation Sqd. F-16CJ’s from Nellis AFB, NV.

  10. 552nd ACW. 964th ACS. From Tinker AFB, Okla.

  11. 432nd W. 15th Reconnaissance Sqd. RQ-1’s from Creech AFB, NV

  12. 92nd ARW. 93rd and 92nd ARS. KC-135R’s from Fairchild AFB, Wash.

In addition to the U.S. aircraft, the United Arab Emirates flying F-16s (and, obviously, the Colombian Air Force).

Image credit: The Aviationist’s Tony Lovelock

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