Spotter Day 90th Anniversary 23° Gruppo – Cervia 20.06.08

The following aircraft were noted during the Spotter Day held in Cervia on June 20, to watch the arrivals of the Italian and foreign squadrons invited by the 23° Gruppo to celebrate its 90th Anniversary. Here’s the log of the activity:

AT-21 Alpha Jet BAF but flown by EC2/8 of the FAF crews AT-23 Alpha Jet BAF but flown by EC2/8 of the FAF crews 135 Red L-39 2 Sqn HuAF C.14-38 14-20 Mir F.1 Esc 141 SpAF C.14-10 14-05 Mir F.1 Esc 141 SpAF E-180 F-16A-MLU Esk 727 ET-199 F-16B-MLU Esk 727 XX285 Hawk 100 Sqn RAF Special markings 90th Anniversary XX284/CA Hawk 100 Sqn RAF 89-2047 F-16CG 510FS 89-2018 F-16CG 510FS MM54514 “61-64” MB.339A 213 Gr MM7059 “50-47” Tornado ECR 155 Gr MM7078 “36-30” Tornado 156 Gr MM7080 “6-33” Tornado 102 Gr Special Colour MM6940 “5-30” F-104ASA-M preserved MM7169 “51-66” AMX 132Gr MM7239 F-16ADF 23 Gr MM7251 F-16ADF 23 Gr Special Colour MM7252 F-16ADF 23 Gr MM7259 F-16ADF 23 Gr MM7262 F-16ADF 23 Gr MM7269 F-16B 18 Gr MM7273 “36-02” F-2000 12 Gr MM61970 “5-55” S208M 605SC MM81343 “15-31” HH-3F 83 CSAR

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