UPDATE 10: Photos & Details on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash in San Francisco

Air shot of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash at SFO via KTVU.

As of 07/06 5:47pm PST, updates will be added to the bottom of the story and the main story will not change. 

Just before 11:30am today, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (registration HL7742) coming from Incheon, South Korea, landed before the runway at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) causing the aircraft to break up. Passengers were evacuated before the aircraft caught fire. There were 291 passengers (19 business and 272 economy) and 16 crew on the aircraft. According to Asiana Airlines, the passengers, “were comprised of 77 Korean citizens, 141 Chinese citizens, 61 US citizens, 1 Japanese citizen.”

Photos show debris before runway 28, showing that the aircraft hit the ground before making it over the runway. At about 1:15pm, local San Francisco TV station, KTVU stated that two passengers died and at about 4:15pm, the SF Fire Department confirmed those deaths.

San Francisco General Hospital spoke at about 3:15pm PST and stated that they have received 10 patients in critical condition. As of 5:45pm five of those passengers improved their condition. Out of 307 passengers on board, 181 were taken to multiple hospitals. According to the SF Fire Department, there were a total of 230 passengers who has some sort of injury after the crash. Originally there were 60 passengers who were reported missing, but as of 5:45pm there is only one.

Typically with situations like this, death/injury numbers will often change.

After evacuating the crash, David Eun took this photo photo of Asiana Flight 214.

SFO was closed until about 3:30pm, when two runways were re-opened. Flights that were bound for SFO were diverted to other airports, including five that diverted to Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been dispatched to identify the cause of flight 214 crashing. Boeing has also announced, via Twitter, “Our thoughts are with everyone affected by today’s incident at SFO. We stand ready to assist the NTSB.”

Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (HL7742) involved in the accident at SFO.

As we all grieve for those who have died and who are injured from this crash, we all have to remember that flying is still a very safe way to travel (see how safe it is to fly by the numbers). The positive part of an incident like this is that we will be able to learn so much so that other accidents do not happen again.

With almost 1,100 Boeing 777s delivered, this is only the second major incident the aircraft type has seen. The only other incident that has occurred with a British Airways Boeing 777 in January 2008.  Flight  38 was landing at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) landed just short of the runway, which is similar to today’s accident.

UPDATE 07/07/13 2:13pm PST: The NTSB just held a press conference and gave some additional details:

  1. United Airlines is stepping up to help accommodate Asiana passengers.

  2. The CVR and FDR (aka “black boxes”) contain “good data.”

  3. During the approach for landing, the engines were idle and the speed of the 777 was below the target airspeed of 137 kts.

  4. Seven seconds before impact, there was a call to increase speed.

  5. Only 1.5 seconds before impact, the crew called for a go around.

  6. The flight crew will be interviewed over the next few days.

  7. The Boeing 777-200ER involved (HL7742) was delivered to Asiana Airlines in March 2006 and had about 5000 cycles.

  8. They are not giving details about the two deceased passengers.

  9. They do not expect to come to a conclusion in the next few days and need to continue their investigation.

UDATE 07/07/13 3:50pm PST: The NTSB has release photos of the crash scene.

UPDATE 07/08/13: We have posted eight additional Asiana crash photos.

Posted an opinion story: A Few Thoughts on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash at SFO

The NTSB has given out some additional information in a press conference earlier today:

  1. They are still determining if an emergency vehicle was involved in the death of one of the passengers. The coroner has still not determined the cause of death.

  2. Although the target landing speed is 137kts at SFO, the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 was only going 106kts at the time of landing.

  3. At 1600′, the autopilot was disengaged. At 1400′, the airspeed was 170kts, at 1000′, it was 149kts and at 500′, it was only 134k.

  4. At about 3 seconds before impact, the aircraft was only going 103kts (the slowest before impact) and the engines were at 50% power and increasing.

  5. The NTSB will be reviewing all 300 seats and comparing injuries of passengers to get a better idea of what happened.

  6. The NTSB stated they will have another update tomorrow.

Nose shot of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 from the NTSB.

UPDATE 07/09/13: Additional information from the NTSB today:

  1. The first started came from Engines #2 via an oil tank.

  2. Auto throttle was armed.

  3. All three fire handles were pulled at the time of the crash.

  4. Flaps were set to 30.

  5. The NTSB has removed all of the exterior doors and slides to be investicated.

  6. There were three pilots in the flight deck at the time of the accident.

  7. The flying pilot [left seat] has 9700 flights hours and about 5000 hours of pilot in command.He was training on the 777 and had completed 10 legs and 35 hours on the 777.

  8. The training pilot [right seat] has 13,000 total flight hours and 3000 in the 777. He has about 10,000 hours of command time. This was his first trip as an instructor pilot.

  9. This was the first time that the two pilots had flown together.

  10. The third pilot in the flight desk was treated for a crack rib and the other two pilots were admitted to a local hospital.

  11. None of the crew were tested for drugs and alcohol, since it is not a US airline.

  12. Two flight attendants were thrown out from the aircraft after the impact — both survived.

  13. The NTSB is planning another press conference tomorrow afternoon.

UPDATE 07/10/13: More information from the NTSB during a press conference:

  1. After the aircraft stopped, the pilots did not tell the flight attendants to evacuate the plane.

  2. Once fire was reported by an flight attendant, the order was given to evacuate the 777.

  3. It was 1.5min after the aircraft stopped that the first door was open and emergency slides opened.

  4. It was about 2min after the accident until the first emergency vehicle arrived.

  5. With-in three minutes the first “extinguishing” vehicle started to spray the aircraft.

  6. The NTSB expects to “release” the runway back to the airport by tonight, with-in 24hrs at the latest.

  7. Flying pilot stated he saw bright flash of flight at 500′ — the NTSB is investigating.

  8. Pilots were interviewed for four hours each and were “very cooperative.”

UPDATE 7/13/13:For additional updates, check in with Airchive.com, thanks!

PHOTOS AND VIDEO OF ASIANA FLIGHT 214 VIA SOCIAL MEDIA (newest additions on the bottom):

  1. Video of smoke from SFO terminal via @360KID

  2. From inside the SFO terminal via @danblar

  3. Screen shot of wrecked aircraft from KTVU and @Manuel_arnauer

  4. Another aerial angle of the 777 from KTVU

  5. Closer shot of the burned out fuselage from KTVU and @NewsBreaker

  6. Raw video of Flight 214 from the air via KTVU

  7. Aerial photo showing debris on the ground before the runway via KOMO

  8. Air Traffic Control recording of Flight 214 during landing via Wandering Armean

  9. Crash photos from CNN

  10. Crash photos from the AP

  11. Photo from @EuniceBirdRah’s father who was on the flight

  12. Another photo from @EuninceBirdRah showing the 777 on fire

  13. Distant video of the crash via CNN

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