Week in Review – AirlineReporter.com is BACK!

The Continental Blue Skyway livery I got a picture (not a very good one) of today while in Houston.

Alrighty, I am back folks! Sorry about the silence. I took a vacation and was planning on blogging — I don’t see this as work, but as fun. However, you know how vacations can go — I got distracted.

One of the best parts of going on vacation is being able to fly again. On my way back to Seattle  from New Orleans, I had a stop over in Houston. I was lucky enough to see Continental’s Blue Skyway special livery (more info).

Anyhow, I don’t want to leave you without your airline news. Here are some of the stories I found interesting this last week:

* Airlines are looking at charging a fee to fly on busy days. (Gadling) * The hero pilot Sullenberger will start flying again for US Airways (Airline Biz Blog) * There might be a new flight attendant TV show coming soon (Flight Wisdom) * United is expanding domestically (BNET) * New Orleans airport got the green light to go private (USA Today) * A Southwest Boeing 737-200 ends its glorious career (NutsAboutSouthwest)

That should about do it for now. I will be able to have more regular updates this week, which is great for everyone!


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